Friday, February 1, 2008

Hawaii Invite

Dear Family & Friends,

You have been so important to us and have shared in the many happy events of our lives over the past 10 years. We would like you to celebrate another one of those times with us. Please join us the week of April 25th thru May 2nd, 2009 in Hawaii. We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary & renewing our wedding vows.
I have included information about the area in Hawaii we are staying in the links above the calendar at the bottom of this blog.
This is a family trip for us and it is important to us to have Wesley along on this trip, therefore your children are very welcome to come.
We have done some preliminary research on current airfare rates. We could fly round trip with one stop for $765.00 each person (today’s rates, not sure how they will change by next year). It is a 10-13 hour flight. Also, if you decide to bring your children all the airlines requires a child 2 years & older (or weight limit) to purchase a ticket at full price.
The ceremony will take place on Friday, May 1st, 2009. We will get you those details when the arrangements have been finalized. As far as activities while we are there, we are putting together a flexible and changeable itinerary for our family and you are very welcome to join us on all or some of the adventures. You are also very welcome to explore on your own. We want you to be there to celebrate with us and also understand that this will be your vacation too.
The car rental will very much depend on how many attend. We would like to share the expenses to make this trip possible for everyone. A mini van/SUV is a possibility or 2 larger cars could work too. This will again be determined when I know how many will be joining us.
Here’s the catch…we need to reserve the condos soon to get the best ocean side, adjoining rooms. We need your commitment to attend by April 1st. We do not need any money from you at that time. We will watch the airfare rates and sometime in January we will reserve the plane tickets. We plan to book all of the tickets at one time so we can travel together however we will need to be repaid at that time to avoid high interest charges on our credit card. Therefore you have about 9 months to save for the airfare. If you prefer to book yourself using a credit card let us know and we can coordinate that also.
You may know this about me; I am very much a planner. We will have a proposed itinerary posted on this blog as we find activities that interest us, we have begun our research already and keep looking here for updates and new info. Also know that we are very flexible and want your input as to activities we might want to do together while we are there. Anything can be changed other than the travel dates. We want you to feel comfortable and be a part of the whole process.
Thank you so very much for considering sharing this special day with us. Call, email or blog with your questions and thoughts and Please RSVP by April 1st, 2008.
Adam & Sabrina

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