Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home Safe

Hello all.

We made it home safely late last night. Thanks to Jen for picking us at the airport. We pulled into our driveway at 2am this morning. Good to be home, I have missed my bed! Wesley's clock quickly reset to its usual time. He was up at 7am like always, thankfully we all were able to take a 3 hour nap this afternoon! Thank goodness for Saturdays! The weather is beautiful outside (a little cooler than we are use to, but nice). I will write quick cuz we are going on a walk soon.

Here is a we did on our last few days on vacation.

Lets see where did I leave off...

Tuesday was allot of fun at the Turtle Hospital. It was sad to see all of the injured Turtles but happy to learn that most of them will get better and be release back to the ocean. There were bubble butt turtles, these turtles have usually eaten something like plastic that was thrown into the ocean. The plastic then blocks them up and all of the sea shells they eat get trapped inside them and they fill up with gases. These gases get trapped under their shells and causes them to have a bubble inside that floats them to the top of the water. If they are not rescued this will eventually kill them. But at the turtle hospital they give them a laxative to pass the blockage and slowly the gases work there way out and the bubble moves to the back (this is why they call it bubble butt) and passes! If they are treated they will make a full recovery. We also saw several turtles that have only 3 flippers because they were hit by a boat or caught in fishing line that was thrown into the ocean. They adapt and are able to swim just fine with 3 flippers. When we were there there was several turtles that were going back to their homes in the ocean that week. It was a very fun and educational trip. Wesley loved it!

Wednesday we traveled to mile marker 0 and shopped all day in Key West. This island is the farthest (southern) most point in the US. Key West is a busy Island, the party town. It is full of things to do. We spent the day shopping on Dueval Street, walking the beach and docks, and we eat at the Hardrock Cafe (good food). This was probably our busiest day all week by far. I found a few things I just loved, Wesley found some cute toys and Adam had fun browsing in Jimmy Buffet's Margertia Ville. A very fun day. We were very tired we when got back to the condo after all of the walking.

Thursday we spent the whole day at the pool. I believe Wesley has officially turned into a fish! Lots of sun, lots of laughs and good food at the Tiki Bar. We needed this day of rest after yesterday! I finally got that sun burn today. I think the sunblock rubbed off my back while I was sitting in the pool chair cause the 20 minutes I layed there on stomach was enough. Ouch! I does not feel good. Well I guess I am broke in for summer now :)

Friday sadly we packed the car, said good by to our condo and headed to Miami. We spent the day in Miami and at the Miami Zoo. The zoo was really fun. All of the animals are so close. We saw elephants, bears, zebras, lions, many other animals.

Looking back it was a great vacation! We were able to just relax. I didn't think about work or worry about anything back home. And that does not happen often for me.

Watch for pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today to the Turtle Hospital


We are having so much fun, where has the time gone?

Yesterday we visited the The Theatre of the Sea in Islandmorda and saw Sea Lion, Parrot and Dolphin shows. The shows were so up close and personal. And we watched the sharks being fed lunch. It was Awesome! We got great pictures we will post when we get home. Wesley bought a turtle egg and we have been waiting for it to hatch since yesterday. He checks it every time we return to the I haven't gone is a plastic turtle that will hatch out!

It is a little cooler today, only 76 and breezy. We needed a day off from the sun. So far so good, no one is sunburned! That is a big accomplishment for us red heads!

Today we are off to the turtle hospital here in Marathon. There they rescue injured sea turtles and nurse them back to health in hopes to release them back to the ocean. Wesley is excited. I have to keep reminding them they are real turtles, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. JK! He laughs at me every time I saw that.

This vacation is turning out to be perfect! We are getting allot of sun, I have done allot of reading and relaxing on the pool chair and Wesley and Adam have swam in the pool everyday. They even did a late night swim yesterday.

Every night at our condo they have a sunset celebration. They blast a cannon right at sunset and then Wesley and I share a strawberry slush drink (dads has alcohol!). We sit on the hammock and watch the sunset. This has become our nightly ritual and I love it! If Wesley didn't miss Daisey so much we might just stay! Adam has checked the want ads a few times (as he always does when we go on vacation). He is convinced one day we will live in Florida.

Tonight there is going to be a pirate show at the poolside tiki bar at our condo. We are excited!

I will fill you in more later. Hope you all are well!

Love Sabrina

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Made it Safely!

Hello Everyone from Sunny Florida!

We made it safely!

I want to give a Big THANK YOU to the Magnuson Boys for watching Ginger this week and to Faeth for watching Daisey. And another Big THANK YOU to Jen for Driving us to the Airport. You guys are the best, it is so nice to go and not have to worry about anything back home. So again THANK YOU!

It is beautiful here at our condo in Marathon Keys. The resort is fantastic, beautiful pool, tiki bar, dock and boats right here at the resort and the weather...sorry to rub it in but was 85 today!!

We had a nice flight and a nice drive. When we were flying over the Everglades to land in Miami Wesley said the funniest thing. All the people within an earshot chuckled. There was open water and vegetation in the Everglades. Wesley said Mom look the ice is cracking off the lakes. How cute is that! He has been such a trooper, we had a 3 1/2 hour flight and then a 4 hour drive and barely a wine out of him! Although mom had enough junk food and movies with to keep him busy. :)

Tomorrow we plan to spend a quiet day at the pool and maybe rent some waive runners, we will see how adventurous we are.

Wesley says HI to Grandma Laurie (MAMA T) and to Sawyer! And he misses Daisey.

Hope you all are doing well! I would to love hear about what is happening at home, blog with me! More soon...

Adam, Sabrina & Wesley

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Florida Keys

Florida Keys Here We Come!

Busy packing and repacking tonight. Do we ever have enough with us when we go? I seam to always forget something. Camera - check, swim suite - check, ahh...need the sunblock.
Can you believe we are going to get 10 inches of snow and its April 10th, where is spring. Glad to be getting out of here! I just got a call from our condo welcoming us and they say it is 82 there at 7:00 at night. PERFECT!
We will be leaving Saturday Morning and will be gone until the following Saturday. Our cell phone plan works in Florida so feel to call anytime!
We are coming home on American Airline, if you have been following the news you know that American has left over 2500 passengers stranded because they have grounded their planes for mechanical problems. I guess being stuck in Florida won't be terrible! :)
If I get time at the computer I will post some of our activies and I will post pictures when we get back.
Keep me posted of things happening back home by leaving me comments on this blog. I would love to here from all of you.

Fun in the Sun here we come!