Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maternity Photos!!

Where has the past nine months gone? Are you mad at me for not posting updates? If you follow me on Facebook you have heard more from me.

I have not posted because, well to be honest - I don't like to complain, and if I had been posting along the way you would have heard a lot of complaining from me! :)

I will give you a quick recap of my pregnancy so my complaining is all in one post and then I will leave you with some pictures!! I promise more posts from here...and with only 2.5 weeks to go they will be happy new baby posts soon!!

So, the first trimester was pretty tough on me. If you have talked to me in person you have heard me say this. It is much harder being pregnant at 33 than it was at 26. My body is just really tired and sore! I had all day morning sickness - queasiness we will call it. It lasted all day thru the whole first trimester. 3 months is a really long time to feel sick! But the second trimester came soon enough and I started to feel a bit better...I was only queasy after I ate. Now at the end of the third trimester my biggest complaint is that my feet have been so swollen and sore. My doc, the funny guy that he is, tells me "Don't look at them and buy bigger shoes"! Nice, huh! :) This heat and humidity we have had this summer has kept me inside so I am defiantly going a little stir crazy!

Also, she has run out of room so my ribs are sore. Yes, I said she! We had 4 ultra sounds and it was not until this last one about a month ago we got a good enough look to feel pretty comfortable in saying it is a girl, even thu I have thought so all along! Her room has been pink for about 2 months now, Adam says that it will be one sissy little boy if we get a surprise! :)

We are very excited! Our family will be complete! Well...either way it would have been complete! No more pregnancies for this women! Other than my queasiness I have had a very good pregnancy, there have been no issues with my health or with the baby. All tests and such have been perfect.

Wesley has been so great thru this! In the beginning he would come into the bathroom and rub my back and tell me as I am sitting by the toilet to feel better mom. His first grade class was always updated of the progress. I later learned they frequently talked about me sitting by the toilet! He even brought the first ultra sound picture to show and tell. He is a very proud soon to be big brother. I think he was a little disappointed when he learned it was a girl. He says to me..."Well I suppose if I am nice to her she will be nice to me"!! I just love that!

My official due date is August 22nd, but I have thought all along that she will come early! My doc offered to induce me a few days early if I want. Mainly because I had such a hard getting Wesley out. We will see what happens that last week, I really would prefer to do it naturally.

Adam is leaving town this weekend for a motorcycle trip with the boys to Duluth so this little one needs to stay put for a few more days, then I will be trying all the wifes tales to get this process going! LOL!!

Alright, as promised here are our maternity pictures. I think Jessica.Ann photography did a good job!

I am working on a slide show and will post that soon!

Stay Tuned! Sabrina

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