Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today to the Turtle Hospital


We are having so much fun, where has the time gone?

Yesterday we visited the The Theatre of the Sea in Islandmorda and saw Sea Lion, Parrot and Dolphin shows. The shows were so up close and personal. And we watched the sharks being fed lunch. It was Awesome! We got great pictures we will post when we get home. Wesley bought a turtle egg and we have been waiting for it to hatch since yesterday. He checks it every time we return to the condo...no I haven't gone crazy...it is a plastic turtle that will hatch out!

It is a little cooler today, only 76 and breezy. We needed a day off from the sun. So far so good, no one is sunburned! That is a big accomplishment for us red heads!

Today we are off to the turtle hospital here in Marathon. There they rescue injured sea turtles and nurse them back to health in hopes to release them back to the ocean. Wesley is excited. I have to keep reminding them they are real turtles, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. JK! He laughs at me every time I saw that.

This vacation is turning out to be perfect! We are getting allot of sun, I have done allot of reading and relaxing on the pool chair and Wesley and Adam have swam in the pool everyday. They even did a late night swim yesterday.

Every night at our condo they have a sunset celebration. They blast a cannon right at sunset and then Wesley and I share a strawberry slush drink (dads has alcohol!). We sit on the hammock and watch the sunset. This has become our nightly ritual and I love it! If Wesley didn't miss Daisey so much we might just stay! Adam has checked the want ads a few times (as he always does when we go on vacation). He is convinced one day we will live in Florida.

Tonight there is going to be a pirate show at the poolside tiki bar at our condo. We are excited!

I will fill you in more later. Hope you all are well!

Love Sabrina

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leanne said...

Hi Guys, Glad to hear you are having so much fun! The weather has finally warmed up here in MN. About 50-65 degrees this week. I am still jealous of all the sun you are getting! Have a safe trip home. We are excited to see all of your pictures!